One more time | Lithuania tech weekly #9

One more time | Lithuania tech weekly #9

work in progress

  • Already researching NFTs? With more bubbles forming among asset classes, NFTs are hyping as we speak (explaining video). Dappradar is positioned to grow in this space, tracking over 3,000 dapps across multiple blockchains.
  • Omnisend is #87 on FT 1000: Europe’s Fastest Growing Companies 2021
  • kevin has released a product for merchants that switches customers from card payments to account-to-account (A2A) payments at the checkout (a method that is up to 90% cheaper for merchants). Also expanded to Finland, Sweden.
  • A couple of talks that should be high quality - Fintech exits with Paysolut and Sumup, and Lean-Agile mindset with Vaidas Adomauskas (Revolut) and others.
  • Juozas Nainys, CEO and co-founder of Droplet Genomics talks about scientific startups, VCs, and what their startup does. Recently secured EUR 1 m from Practica Capital.
  • Looking a strong SWG Fintech batch in demo day (recording). The level of ambition is certainly growing, which is nice.
  • Not autonomous, and not even flying, but actually doing the job - electric Dancer busses hit 100,000 km mark in Klaipėda.
  • Will be autonomous, already electric, but also run with diesel... many questions how far Kramper will go, but impressive to see military vehicle developed by someone who served in both Iraq and Afghanistan (intro video)

rounds and capital

  • OFFschhool, an online learning application, is raising GBP 200k via crowdfunding. With 20 more days to go, it has reached 81% of the goal. More on Seedrs.
  • Humaans, a London-based HR startup, has raised $5 million in seed funding to accelerate the development of its employee on-boarding and management platform. Backing the round is Y Combinator, Mattias Ljungman’s Moonfire, Frontline Ventures and former head of Stripe Issuing, Lachy Groom. Startup founded by former Qubit employees Giovanni Luperti and Karolis Narkevicius.
  • Mano Daktaras is gearing up the speed with Pincetas acquisition. You must have visited Pincetas if you ever googled doctors name, they have been collecting reviews for years. already had 100k visits (or online meetings) scheduled last year, and this acquisition will upscale the customer base to 400k people. If ambition is there, they can follow KRY | LIVI path:
    • Raise $$$ from the likes of Creandum (but others), soon
    • Change name for the international expansion
    • Go market by market. (See how Taxify (Bolt) was choosing markets to launch; they are also big believers in market growth as opposed to market size alone)

founder guides

  • Accelerators. Is that the right track for your startup? For more colourful reading, Dragos Novac explain Why startup accelerators suck, often
  • Content Marketing. How to choose the right content, depending on if need to go wide or niche? need to amplify or have your audience?
  • Stress and need to rush work are often caused by interrupted work
  • Sales and fundraising. Stories are powerful, and here's a guide on how to build one for your fundraising and sales
  • How to. Everything an awesome CTO needs to know and do. Many articles!



  • Tribute to Daft Punk - here's how One More Time is chopped from More Spell on You (Eddie Johns, 1979)
  • Your brain limits you to only five BFF, and no more.
  • The markets are good for fundraising, but somewhat too good to lead people into crazy valuations, SPACs, bitcoins, and whatever else. Nouriel Roubini showing more signs of an inflationary bubble.
    • Note that not all bubbles are the same. Bill Janeway talks about productive bubbles - "In theoretical terms, productive bubbles solve a coordination problem in time. New ventures that require substantial follow-on investment, such as technologically innovative infrastructure, are unlikely to gain initial funding except in an environment where the first round investors can be reasonably confident that the capital required will be available."
  • Sifted asked investors which Estonian startups might becoming next unicors? Here's what got mentioned



  • There is innovation reform being introduced which aims to restructure institutions working along this field. Fun read (in LT) from Povilas Lastauskas as he reflects on how we approach the problem - and that we need "to start at the start", which is talent and highest quality research.
  • Strategy for Denmark's Tech Diplomacy 2021-2023. It takes a bit more thinking and working than meeting executives in Davos.